May they rest in peace.

How does a nation that can put men on the moon find itself in a position where they cannot protect their most valuable asset, their children?
     Is there a clue? Is life so tormenting to some that they seek revenge against life itself? Is there a clue?
     How does law enforcement protect society from those bent on suicide? Questions and more questions. No answers. Only cries of despair and the pathetic ramblings of elected officials who feel they must say something. We have heard it all before. The over simplicity’s of removing all guns from society to those who believe God is the answer but not the cause.
     Is the clue so obvious and frightening that we dare not examine it?  Is it an accident that the worlds wealthiest country is host to the worlds largest prison population and over 450,000 churches?
     Might this latest carnage be a wake up call for all THINKING persons to come to the aid of their country?
     Meanwhile, may the victims rest in peace.