The question: To come out or not.

Life seems to be a bundle of fads. Presently, “coming out” seems to be the fad for the LGBT community. Since I am an outsider, looking in, all I can say is, don’t hurt yourself. Think any “coming out” action through carefully.

4 thoughts on “The question: To come out or not.

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  2. Fad? Are you joking? I am still half in the closet from my mum and dad. Keeping this part of your life from the people you care about the most is soul crushing. I agree to think about it, and to only do it when you are ready.


    • Maybe “coming out” is not a fad. Like I said, when you’re outside looking in, one must be careful about dishing out advice. Anyway, the decision to “come out” must be one of the most important in a person’s life. My hat goes off to those who have the guts to do it.


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