3 thoughts on “Who is kidding who?

  1. Yeah, but you are not concidering two things. One, there is an aspect of these religions that are useful, somewhere burried under all the misinterpreted alchemical lexicon. Even if today’s priests dont understand it. Second, tradition dictates that we perpetuate small mindedness simply because we have always done so. There is no greater force in human behavioral science than “monkey see monkey do”.


  2. The human race is a confused lot. It all started about 2000 some odd years ago. Silly monkeys worshipped an evil war god and a legion of priests who claimed that they were required to help the other monkeys understand what this god wanted. And this war god’s demands were quite specific, from how to cleanly slaughter lamb to the disposal of foreskin. According to the preists, if the monkeys didn’t do everything right, the war god would let Philistines kill them and rape their lady monkeys, or let Egyptians enslave them for generations.

    Then one crazy monkey claimed that he was not a monkey but a lamb, and that we dont need the old religion. The crazy monkey even said that we dont need the leaders because the true GOD, the father of all monkeys was within all monkeys.

    Before the monkeys slaughtered the lamb some of them started to see that what the crazy monkey said was right. They didn’t need religion to reach God at all! they started to believe that they were all sheep and started calling the crazy monkey a shepard. Then 300 years later some other monkeys built a religion around what the shepard taught and told the other monkeys who now thought that they too were sheep, that they needed priests to understand what the shepard was saying.

    So now we have monkeys who think they are sheep worshipping a shepard who they think is God, but is actually only a monkey that thinks he is a lamb. And ofcourse there is again a small group of sheep-monkeys who claim that they are nessesarry to rule over the other sheep-monkeys to help them understand what the shepard-lamb-monkey-god wants.


    • Your attempt at satire might not reach those who cannot or will not associate any form of humor with their religion. It is dead serious with them. Be careful what you say on the WEB about religion.


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